Maybe you’re a part-time freelancer, a blogger, attempting to make some money online or a full-time guy who’s intending to create a living out it or planning to make your blogging profession reach a new level. Only bloggers know how it’s like to begin from scratch, confront a lot of challenges, undergoing from insomnia, unhealthy lifestyles initially to make that nothing into something and beyond that, making it everything.

Possibly you’re an early entrepreneur and it’s about an idea, obtaining finance, maintain it, managing time, marketing, creating strategies that work for you or a plethora of obstacles on your way. Or you are the dreamer who wants to quit your unproductive jobs, cutting yourself off from the abusive people who are killing your mind and resigning the hectic jobs and be one.

Or likely is that you’re a millennial who is repaying the study loans, got into debt or unable to maintain your endeared finance.

A possibility is you just landed on Heimdall when the nine realms in different star system align and crashlanded up here. Just Kidding.

Whatever brought you up here, one thing for certain is common. The curiosity. If you are Believer, Dreamer and Ambitious who envy to create a real life in your way then YOU’RE just awesome as all the people who walked and crossed this path already and enjoying lives at the golden plateaus.

We will assist you with whatever ways we can to follow the trail and then letting you create one which others will follow.

It’s not abstruse nowadays when you can be totally clueless at some point in time about your life, career, jobs and even retirements.

Everyone has their own dream lifestyle that they want to relish. It can be traveling around the world, spending time with family and friends or yet not come up with one of the overwhelming ideas yet.

I don’t fancy about surviving in the 9 to 5 cult. I am not planning to get old on as a bothersome boss who is abused by the clients and even your own juniors at the end of the day. The corporate world really has a lot of swearing creatures around on the desk, under the desk and on top of your head too. We anyhow all are inspired by a person like whom we want to be. And so am I. My route is different than the mediocre young people and more like the millionaires who are working at their leisure and are satisfied with their lives.

I desire to live life rather than living the office between the stack of files for the whole life.

But for making the dream an actuality, you need a neverending source which can make you unbothered about money. And you know what!

When money isn’t the obstacle, Life is easier and there are other concerns to fret about. I call them thrilltress. (No doubts, I created this word)


I made up mind at this point of time that no dude, that’s not where I will stop. And just right before my exams, I was more scared of wasting my life like this instead of dreading the exams. There’s a pressure on your head during exams but I don’t know how something else was alarming me more. All my mind was reciting in my head was that ‘a single piece of paper don’t judge your future.’ And it’s fucking crazy I know. Don’t grasp yet, how this girl chills out the whole semester and study overnight for 6 hours before the exam. More shockingly she clears with no panics. I decided that whatever happens, I am going to make it different, no matter whatever it takes but I’ll do something that will make me free so that I can travel, spend time with my people and on top of it breathe the satisfaction.


By the time you reach your early 30s you ultimately reach the phase when you have mastered all the work, you will be performing it all over and again every time. And there’ll be nothing new to learn, nothing new to experience. You will find yourself sitting on the same chair till you reach 50 or more.

And that’s not what life is about.

You will be making good money by trading your health, hours and life itself to earn. We aren’t some sort of machines who are willing to get oil to work properly.

Are you?

I mean how crazy this thought is in itself?

Like working for 54 hours a week!! That’s worse when you have to travel four hours a day which means 24 hours a week, 42 hours sleep which left you pissed off and dead at the end by consuming 120 hours a week leaving you with 48 hours.

AND HEY! Are you sure you even have that 48 hours left?


And to make it worse, your mental stability is shaken. You have left with an exhausted mind that it becomes impossible to socialize, have fun or enjoy. You literally become a machine!!

You can booze up on weekends, party hard with friends but deep in your heart, you’re regretting how you’re spending your life. You ask yourself in silence while trying to figure out your rough life if it’s what you wanted in life. You get the answer in a sec without even thinking deeply of it anymore. Life seems easy while you were a young lad but isn’t. The reality is far beyond and it already has shaken you off the ground by now. Life sucks! And at this point when it’s a messed up life, you realize it.

An average person spends adulthood accomplishing wealth by trading health and time. And at retirement unable to use the time even by trading the wealth because of having no remaining health. At the time when we are youthful enough to explore the world, different cultures, doing adventures, being on a cruise, chilling out with family and friends we are just sitting in the same four-walled room, on our chairs in front of a dumb screen which can’t do anything itself. We work at that place just like there’s nothing that exists out there.

So, after I picked to screw the nine to five within the next couple of years I crash-landed upon the idea to create a website to help the dreamers grab their dreams one night and start turning them a reality from the next morning. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies throughout our journey and won’t be in yours too. But it’s the beginning and this is how it ought to be for everyone who chooses to make big in their lives.

In his book, Four Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris talked about the fat bald man who’s in his forties with fat cash in his account and coming out of Lamborghini, who worked whole life to earn big money for the future and ruined the enjoyment and fun just for to save for retirement.  And that was the exact time I got my hair stand up with fear by imagining myself in place of that sick man who just traded his life. Holy Crap! I still don’t want to imagine it again.

And the craziest part is while I was analyzing what all I was going to do my life before coming up to this reality. I thrice have ended up with thought and yelling out with fear.


The thought still scares me while I think of what if I would be stuck up between these societal rules and dying every day and ending up every weekend drinking somewhere regretting the whole life.

That’s not being alive. It’s termed survive.

Life is too short for stressing out for money and even more micro if you’re a big dreamer who is living to travel the world like us. When you start to concentrate on what matters, it’s first happiness and it’s satisfied with money. If you heard of ” money don’t buy you happiness”. Well surely it does and it’ll. You’re a believer right. (If not yet. No problem, You’ll be one.)

We admittedly are the big spender mindsets. Just like you all, we get insane for things that have shaped us irresponsible for long. But you know what, spending is trouble until and unless you make more and save more. No matter if you’re planning to save more by cutting down your expense, overcoming debt, or planning to have a side hustle along with your 9 to 5, but the foremost aim remains to become financially independent.

And I called up Yasmin to tell I have registered a domain and now it’s time for me to start making something out of it and taking it beyond to everything. ‘It’s starting now or never.

‘Well, Darn it! How smart of me.

She didn’t have any idea that what I am talking about that time and it was me to behave as if I everything she and everyone knows it too.

I had to explain everything from the very beginning and made her see the map my brain created. I got to know that time that she thinks about life just the same way in many terms. It was easy for me to make her understand the plan and asked if she could help me with creation as she too is into reading personal finance and business. She was in…

And later she crashed in the idea itself. So basically it’s two minds merged to create the best.

Now we work as a team and help you improve your finances, living a debt free life. We run this site to help you achieve financial freedom by creating passive income, turning side hustles into a full-time business and foremost to improve your life as in whole.


Welcome to Crayon Bird. Come and board with us and be part of the financial freedom journey by subscribing to the newsletter.

Kshitij & Yasmin

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