The Best Is What You Can Make In Your 20s

The Best Is What You Can Make In Your 20s

One of the most insane advice you can get in your 20s is to not to have concern about money because you’re a free person who just stepped into the corporate world!!!!

You are often listening people saying ” it’s the time you can travel the world, make best experiences and memories when you have health.”

That’s enticing to hear!

Your co-workers and even your familes & relatives keeps on drilling your mind with this advice.

I completely disagree with this old thought and so should you.

Rather than believing the above advice and spoiling the best 10 years, when you could be making the most of the time by doing hard work, where you do carry a potential to make a bright secure future with good savings will be unfair.

The early you start , the more power money has to grow . And that is why I consider the old school thoughts nothing other than insanity.

Have you taken advice when you dreamt of having a big house, car, luxuries , holidays when you were not even in your teenage years. You have planned big . You planned being a man with a big bank balance.

Then how can you just listen to the terrible idea of enjoying and going with the flow when you can make all these dreams come true by 30s and be satisfied.

If you wanna get debt free soon, you’ll be willing to buy a home by 25 and pay the debt off by next 10 years instead of 20-25 years.

And there’s no chance of quitting the work at 20s and do side hustles to take off your expenses and debts when you’re busy traveling the world and making memories. You get the picture! It’s impossible.

There are 2 scenarios.

Let A be listening to the advice and quit the job at 20 and spend time having adventure, tours and earning by freelancing and odd jobs to pay the expenses occurred while traveling. After next 5 years he plan getting a job and settling down, get back to work and save $200000. Now he have $200000 at the end of 10 years.

The other one is B. He ignore the advice of family, relatives and co-workers and opt to work in corporate world for the next 5 years, save $200,000. Then he quit job and travel the world for the next 5 years, doing odd jobs and freelance , side hustles here and there to cover the expenses, so to never dip into the savings to support his travels. Let’s assume that the $200,000 was all invested and earning a 7% annual return each year while B was traveling.

At the end of these 10 years B have a net worth of $281,500.

Who’s the winner? Scenario B!

The second guy ‘B’ came out ahead by over $80,000 compared to Scenario A. That’s a 40% increase in net worth.

Advantage of time by your side

The sooner you start investing, the sooner you allow compound inetrest to do its work and pay you for your investments in 20s.

Time is the most essential and powerful tool of compound interest. The longer you leave your money invested , the more you allow your money to grow.

Instead of going on with the scenario A with $0 in the bank account to $200000 in the bank gaining 7% interest every year in scenario B is the best thing you can do.

The advice to mediocre – a financially independent mindset should avoid.

You have just started your life. It’s the first step into adulthood. And there’s no family to support, you’re young and should be careless, enjoy the time with friends, go for tours in Malaysia, Singapore. There are no big bills to pay for electricity, child-care, household etc. So, as a scenario-A person you will choose to enjoy your time like this.

That’s certainly good if you want to live a life like those mediocres who aren’t financially independent and spend the whole life working hard for more than 40 hours a week and not able to save enough ever. Or you can think like a scenario-B mindset .

According to scenario-B , as you don’t have a family , you’ll have money to get invested and earn interest, dividend and grow your wealth. You are young, so you have TIME. And time is the powerful tool of compound interest.

The early you are saving the more you’re making.

You don’t have big expenses, so you have that extra money you won’t be having later on while you have a family to take care of. You have that money to invest smartly so that you can make the most of now and get free later on.

Final words…

 Earning now will give you debt paying opportunity, a way to add up value to your life, saving for retirements, traveling the world and more. A few years of hard work can make you financially independent by 30. Examples are everywhere out there in the world who whether are doing less hectic jobs or no jobs at all. All just because they avoided the terrible advice to enjoy in 20s and made the most of money during their early adulthood stage.  

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